Executive Director of Grants

Posted: 08/06/2023

(50%) Grants Research, Project Planning and Grant Development 

  • Lead senior and executive leadership, faculty and key personnel, as well as other significant constituencies to identify, create, and oversee grant programs and processes. Promote and manage change to support strategic plan and direction.
  • Direct and coordinate efforts to identify and pursue external grant opportunities that advance strategic, scholarly, and innovative work at the College consistent with the College's mission.
  • Complete grant proposals, which include working with a team of subject matter experts (administrators, faculty, staff, partners) to gather data; write, create evaluation plan, assist with budget development, edit, and submit grant applications.  
  • Oversee the development of external grant applications/proposals, working directly with faculty, staff, and administrators as appropriate.
  • Work with federal, state, and local program officers; representatives of businesses; community organizations; and other resource developers locally and nationally.
  • Serve as the college’s liaison to all government funding agencies. Participate in WTCS statewide grants initiatives as appropriate.
  • Research, analyze, and interpret pending legislation and new federal/state initiatives, related to external funding opportunities to make policy and action recommendations to the College Leadership Team.

(30%) Grant Execution, Management and Reporting 

  • Establish and maintain procedures and guidelines for grant management, compliance, and reporting and provide training and guidance to grantees regarding development, submission, management and compliance for grant proposals and awards.
  • Oversee the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of grant award contracts/agreements, maintain accurate institutional data related to grants, and participate in internal and/or external audits of department grants/contracts as needed and in accordance with its policies.
  • Develop and provide technical assistance to project directors and administrators in the management of externally funded projects. Coordinate the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to assist managers in making decisions and supporting grant activity.
  • Create workflow mechanisms to ensure timely, efficient, and transparent processes and appropriate staffing for the entire grant life cycle.
  • Ensure LTC complies with federal reporting guidelines as determined by the funding agency. Implement fiscal procedures consistent with regulations and grant programs.
  • Work with directors and Financial Services to ensure grant activities and funds are tracked and completed. Guide project managers and stakeholders through start-up steps, rule interpretation and follow-up with agency project officers, alternate acceptable spend down strategies, grant questions, and technical report writing of progress and completion.
  • Design, create, and distribute standard and special reports, studies, summaries, and analyses, as required.

(10%) Grant Leadership 

  • Lead a Grant Council Team to develop, implement, and evaluate annual and long-range grant funding plans; to identify college projects for which funding is desired and develop strategies to obtain funding and corresponding timelines.
  • Research and identify potential grant sources including contacting state, federal, and local agencies, companies and foundations, as well as conduct searches on the Internet, State Newsletters, and through other sources.
  • Provide leadership, management, and development of the Grants office personnel.
  • Supervise and/or oversee external and new evaluators as needed; including, but not limited to, independent evaluators and limited-term staff.
  • Serve as Authorized Organizational Representative for the College, responsible for the review and submission of all grants and grant performance reporting.
  • Collaborate with the College President and Vice Presidents to formulate and implement policies and procedures regarding government and other sponsored programs ensure that such programs are aligned with the College's mission, vision, strategic plan, and activities.
  • Represent the college on interagency planning and collaborative grant development teams. Represent the college on consortium grant conferences, meetings, and project teams, as applicable.

(10%) Manager Essential Responsibilities 

  • Supervision is provided to Grants Office staff. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of Grant activities. Collaborate with all areas of the college on systems and processes to meet customer needs. Responsibilities include the design of position responsibilities, interview, hire, and train employees; plan, assign, and direct work; supervise, mentor, and develop staff through the Employee Performance review; reward and discipline employees. Carry out managerial responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws to include:
    o    Develop plan(s) and budget for department.
    o    Address staff and student issues in an effective and timely manner.
    o    Be an active advocate for LTC in the community.
    o    Be active in the college by serving on committees.
    o    Teach classes, as requested, based on course-identified qualifications.