Palletizer 2nd Shift

Posted: 04/16/2023

  1. Check the correct identity, quality and appearance of materials, components, supplies and products.  Checking correct identity, appearance, components and products is important to assure the correct product is in the correct bottle and/or box.
  2. Maintain established quality standards, reporting quality defects to the Line Leader to assure poor quality product is not going into the carton.
  3. Maintain a clean and neat work area.  This is especially important for safety reasons.  A clean and neat work area reduces the possibility of an accident.
  4. Follow all safety procedures.
  5. Count and manually palletize finished goods as required.  Counts must be correct, and stacking must be done properly to assure stability in shipping.
  6. May work on the line as an Assembler when needed.
  7. Execute special assignments required by Coordinator.
  8. Complete pallet sheet neatly and accurately.
  9. Palletize finished cases.
  10. Load empty bottles into bottle bin or open boxes for bottle position.
  11. Notify Material Handler when components are needed.