Manitowoc Public Library to Celebrate 25 Years on Quay Street Throughout the Month of September

Manitowoc Public Library is celebrating 25 years at our beautiful Quay Street location! Since moving from the Hamilton Street location to our gorgeous building on Quay—our relocation’s Grand Opening actually occurred on September 2—so much has changed at the Library and in the community. However, one constant has remained in place: MPL remains committed to the same Core Mission of supporting the educational, recreational, and cultural needs of Manitowoc!
Since our library and community leaders dreamed of a new space more than 25 years ago, our Library has grown a whole new generation of readers, rolled out technologies we couldn't have dreamed of in 1998, and created entirely new ways of using our space to offer rich programming and showcase engaging exhibits.
For more specifics, memories, and an opportunity to donate to the Manitowoc Public Library Foundation to invest in the next 25 years and help us to fund the future, please head to
Join us this September to appreciate how far we've come—and help us dream of where we'll go next!