MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program celebrates first graduating class of resident physician

MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program celebrates first graduating class of resident physicians in Green Bay
GREEN BAY, Wis. - Prevea Health is proud to announce the graduation of its first class of resident physicians from the MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program in Green Bay.
This milestone marks a significant achievement for the program, which was established in 2021 as Green Bay’s first family medicine physician residency program.
“One of the most important contributions of our program, for the community, is it helps ensure resident physicians will establish their practice in Wisconsin upon graduation,” said Dr. Ashok Rai, President and CEO of Prevea Health. “With a national physician shortage limiting patient access to immediate care, Prevea is actively trying to increase the number of physicians right here in Northeast Wisconsin, for both the short and long-term.”
“Since 2021 and the creation of our program, Prevea has welcomed 14 resident physicians to our team,” said Dr. Manal Soliman, MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program Director. “Our goal is not just to recruit the best and brightest resident physicians for our patients, but also to retain these talented doctors to better serve our community.”
According to a study in the Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, more than half of all family medicine physicians will continue to practice within 100 miles of where they completed residency. Additionally, the Wisconsin Hospital Association reports 86% of physicians will stay in Wisconsin if they grew up, went to medical school and attended a residency program in Wisconsin.
The goal of the MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program is to introduce highly qualified, independent physicians to the community. The physicians are trained to be well-equipped and prepared to take care of patients in settings including rural or urban, multi-specialty or solo practice, inpatient, outpatient, obstetrics, urgent/emergent care and academic or private practice.
“The education and development of the next generation of physicians, pharmacists and scientists is a core mission of the Medical College of Wisconsin. To that end, we are pleased to partner with Prevea Health to increase the number of family medicine physicians caring for patients, especially in our rural communities, which often face unique health challenges,” said Joseph E. Kerschner, MD, Provost and Executive Vice President at MCW, and the Julia A. Uihlein, MA Dean of the School of Medicine. “These family medicine residents are graduating at a critical time to help bolster the need for physicians in this important specialty. Congratulations to all our graduates on beginning this next chapter in their careers.”
The full spectrum residency training program, located at the Prevea Shawano Avenue Health Center, 1727 Shawano Ave., Green Bay, gives resident physicians the opportunity to provide patients a range of primary care services under the guidance of Prevea physicians. This hands-on patient experience allows resident physicians to provide care at Prevea health centers and Prevea’s hospital partners, including HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay.
The recent graduates shared the following remarks about their three-year experience with the MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program:
Dr. Nana Merabova: “The Prevea residency program has prepared me to not only practice independently but to provide the best care for all my patients. The program also provided me great exposure to a variety of specialties, including pediatrics, dermatology and sports medicine. It’s also helped me obtain the skills and knowledge to practice full-spectrum family medicine.”
Dr. Sarah Zeeshan: “This residency program was like a guiding light. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in my medical career and instilled a deep sense of purpose and compassion for my patients. The experiences I had, the challenges I faced, and the triumphs I achieved during my residency shaped me into a confident and empathetic health care professional.”
Dr. Snigdha Kalidindi: “I am so thankful for this opportunity and experience. With Prevea being a physician-led health care system, the physician mentors are actively involved in training residents, and they work hard to ensure we have a great experience. The multiple specialties available at Prevea also provided us resident physicians the opportunity to gain broad exposure.”
Dr. Kalpana Bair: “I am very grateful for this opportunity to practice medicine. This program helped me figure out my specific health care interests, and my mentors were helpful in navigating the course I needed to take to meet those goals. The residency program also helped me grow as a physician and as a person, too.”
Of the four resident physicians who graduated from the MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program this year, Dr. Zeeshan has decided to extend her career in Green Bay with Prevea Health by working as a hospitalist at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital.
The immediate value of having a family medicine physician residency program in Green Bay is it provides community members access to same-day primary care appointments. Patients who use the MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program will also find value in being cared for by a resident physician partnered with a highly trained and experienced doctor offering mentorship and supervision. Patients have two doctors focusing on their care, including the resident physician who has recently graduated from medical school and has received education on the latest research and preferred practices.
To schedule an appointment with the MCW-Prevea Family Medicine Residency Program at the Prevea Shawano Avenue Health Center in Green Bay, call (920) 431-1810 or visit: