New Sensory Friendly Spaces at the Club

MANITOWOC, Wisconsin (September 11th, 2023) – The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County operates with a ‘kids-first’ mindset so when the youth expressed interest in more ‘comfortable seating’, ‘spaces that weren’t so loud and bright’ and ‘additional fidget options during activities’ the Club staff got to it! Thanks to funding from Northeastern Wisconsin Health Area Education Center (NEWHAEC) the Club could revamp its current Learning Centers to be more sensory-friendly. They purchased cushioned benches to create reading nooks, carpets, additional bean bags and cushions for seating, and alternative lighting options. They also received a very generous donation of sound-dampening ceiling tiles from H.J. Martin and Son, which have helped reduce the over-stimulating sounds that you would hear in a general classroom setting. Since these transformations took place this Summer, the Club has seen a tremendous increase in youth utilizing these rooms to read books, work on flashcards, draw and create art, or even to take a break. The Club looks forward to continuing to convert more areas around the Club to be more sensory friendly and has already seen the positive benefits these have on youth behavior and responses to programming. For more information regarding the sensory-friendly spaces or to schedule a tour of the Club, please contact Branch Director, Connor Schultz at or (920) 905-5522. About the Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County ( began serving youth in February 2022 and exists to help make Manitowoc a great place for all young people to grow and thrive. The Club is dedicated to ensuring our community's youth have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and help them unlock their full potential. The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County operates in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley in Appleton, WI